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Shortened Lesson Plan Empty Shortened Lesson Plan

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:41 pm

The Lesson Plan that the artist created is really good, with lots of interesting background info on Piet Mondrian, the artist that inspired the project. Only problem is that the original lesson plan is 44 pages long and might be a little difficult to handle while in front of the class. So, I've distilled the 44 pages down to 3 and attached it below.

For those not signed in, you can download it by copy-and pasting the following link:!AgTSecs7ixbmgfM0l6Zwg2E8RAFvDw

And remember, my version is only a guide and should be thought of as a first draft. If it doesn't fit your style, feel free to change it up.
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