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Post by Admin on Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:43 am

ATGO is a regional, non-profit organization serving more than 15 harbor-area schools.

ATGO strives to provide free art education to all kids in the Los Angeles Harbor Area.

ATGO is funded primarily by local PTAs or PTOs and staffed entirely by volunteers.

ATGO provides five art projects a year to elementary and junior high school students. Classes are taught on-campus, during the school day.

Projects are created by local artist and provide a little art history and some technique, but are primarily designed to inspire creativity.

This year’s projects include a music-influenced painting; a sketch of the Eiffel Tower with watercolor background; a suncatcher created with yarn and a discarded CD; a Monet and Degas influenced pastel landscape; and an abstract oil pastel and tempera piece based on the work of Mondrian.     

Of course, our young artists will take home some great frame-worthy artwork. But teaching students to exercise their creative muscle is what ATGO is all about.

People often think that “being creative” is a talent born to artists alone. This is simply not true.

Creativity is a skill that can be learned. And creative decision making is vital for success in fields from math to medicine, to teaching.

So, ATGO-PW’s mission is to enhance our kids’ education with experiences that nurture creativity and provide tools necessary for future success.

For more information about Art To Grow On, checkout the official ATGO site, www.arttogrowon.com or take a look at this year’s ATGO pamphlet.
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