Introducing ATGO to students

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Introducing ATGO to students Empty Introducing ATGO to students

Post by hodgkisb on Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:47 pm

For the past two years, we've made a habit of taking a few minutes before the first lesson of the school year to tell our students about ATGO.

We need 3 things to make ATGO a success:

1) Money! We aren't funded by the school, we're funded by the PTA. If the PTA has done a fundraiser recently, let the kids know some of their earnings went to ATGO. As a result, it's our students who "own" the tent and all of the ATGO materials and tools. Remind them to take good care of their purchases and that the entire school has to share

2) Adult helpers! Let the students know that you aren't a "hired" teacher--you're a volunteer, as are all the other adults in the tent. Make a point of thanking our volunteers

3) Artists! When students come to the tent, they should bring their best "artist habits." That includes listening, doing your best, and being willing to experiment, explore, and try something new. Artists aren't judgmental about their work--they are reflective about the experience.


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