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Post by Admin on Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:10 pm

Every two years, ten projects are selected from submittals by local artists.

Each project is presented at a Docent Workshop, in which the artist teaches the docents (parent-volunteers) how to create, and then how to teach the project to the kids. The Artist also provides a detailed lesson plan.

Three Docent Workshops are held in the fall and two in the winter. Workshops are on Thursday mornings and last an hour and a half.

At Park Western, we only do four projects a year, so one project is skipped.

Once we’ve attended a workshop, the ATGO Chairperson and our principal work out a schedule for teaching the project to the kids.

The schedule is then posted on the SignMeUp website with a link posted in the Project Talk forum. Docents and Assistants then choose the classes they want to volunteer for by signing up on the website.

There are about 30 classes at Park Western. So we teach each project about 30 times.

Classes last an hour and ten minutes. There are two morning sessions and one after lunch.

It takes about three weeks to teach each project to all the kids.


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