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Lesson Plan

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:21 pm

Because of the need for setting up a dedicated print station, I waited until teaching the project a few times before finalizing a lesson plan.

After some trial and major errors, I feel confident that the attached plan will work pretty well.

A couple of general notes:

1. The Project goes fast. So don't feel rushed.

2. While this project doesn't requires as many assistants as I expected, it does need at least one experienced assistant to either run the print station or make sure the kids spend enough time transferring the ink to the paper.

3. Creating a white boarder around the print really confused the kids, even the 5th graders. Don't let them rush through this and cut their print short.

4. It amazed me how many kids had problems gluing their print to the construction paper frame. Don't let them put glue near the edge. It will squeeze out on to the frame and wreck their work.

So, please take a look at the attached lesson plan. Remember, this is just my version, and it's only a suggestion. If you have other ideas please give them a try and let us know what worked and what didn't.

Thanks for being a part of Park Western's Art To Grow On Program

Steve Aichele
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