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Post by Admin on Thu Apr 02, 2015 4:56 pm

The goal of Project Talk is to share ideas so that we can better teach the projects to our student artists.

Project Talk is organized by project. Once a project is presented by the artist at a docent seminar, a new forum will be started.

In the project forums we publish the originating artist’s notes and instructions, as well as examples, supply lists, and additional background information. The ATGO chairperson then posts their lesson plan. With the basic information posted permanently, discussion can begin.

Please feel free to:

  • Ask questions or seek clarifications regarding the project

  • Share your ideas and experiences teaching the project

  • Tell us what worked for you, and what didn’t

  • Post photos of student and docent artwork

  • Provide updated lesson plans

  • Express your opinions about the project

  • Generally discuss the project


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