Daily Set Up and Breakdown

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Daily Set Up and Breakdown

Post by hodgkisb on Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:47 pm

For those of you who are new, here's how to start and end each day:

In the morning:
Sign into volunteer book in office. If you are moving class (we worked in classrooms Friday since it was so hot), post a notice on the book. (There is usually brightly colored scratch paper in the corner below the teacher's mailboxes.)

Grab the keys (blue & green lanyards) by Rosa's desk. Put them around your neck, along with your volunteer badge.

Check the ATGO mailbox for any notes from teachers (on the counter below the teacher's mailboxes in the black document sorter to the right)

When you go out the gate by Mrs. Howard's room make sure you lock it if school has started. You will need the blue key to get back in!

Our supplies are currently in the tan storage container to the right of the blue shed in the teacher's parking lot. The padlock key is on the green lanyard. Make sure you take the cart, white board, and project display boards.

If it's Monday, the tent side panel should also be on the cart. Close the container, but there's no need to lock it while school is in session

I like to grab two pieces of large blank newsprint from the work room so the students can see my work.

Have someone fill the water bucket in the janitor's closet (while you put up the tent panel, if need be). Arrange the tables as you'd like them--on Mondays, you may need to wipe them off.
Tie off the end of the tent to a long bench if it's windy.

At the end of your lesson, make sure all materials are clean and ready for the next class. You can use another bucket to dump the dirty water. If you are leaving, MAKE SURE YOU DON"T TAKE THE KEYS WITH YOU!!! If you can't hand them off, put them by Rosa's desk again

At the end of the day, roll up the ends (the zippered sides) of the tent--yard duties should be able to see through)

On Fridays, remove the large side panel of the tent. This helps deter vandalism.

After all the materials are clean, stack them on the cart. Empty all buckets into the janitor's sink. (You can water a tree with the clean water, but make sure the bucket is empty unless you want to risk finding an expired rat the next day). Return the stocked cart to the storage container.

To lock the container, you have to pull the handle all the way to the right to set the pins. It's a little "sticky," you might have to muscle it a little. Return the handle to the center to lock the padlock.

Make sure to leave the keys on the hook by Rosa's desk and don't forget to sign out!

If you have "lessons learned" to share based on your experience, please post them to the forum.

Thanks for your support in bringing Art to Grow On to our students!


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