How to get your timing right

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How to get your timing right Empty How to get your timing right

Post by hodgkisb on Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:51 pm

One of the most difficult aspects of teaching is getting your timing right. It's especially difficult when the class arrives late. Here are some tips to ensure you get everything done in the little time allotted.

1) Know when your class is scheduled to end! We run three different periods, and even after all these years, I often have to remind myself what the end time of each period it.

2) Ask the teacher if there are any additional time constraints. Often at the end of the day, the teacher (especially new teachers and subs) will need the kids to go back to the classroom before dismissal. If your end of the day class is cutting close, make sure you know who the bus riders are. They can't stay late! (But if you have a little extra time after school, you may opt to let students stay for a few minutes after the bell to finish up.)

3) Plan a timeline in your head. Based on what you experience in the workshop, how long will your introductory remarks be? What's the longest part of the project? How long do students need for each section (e.g. sketching, painting, adding details)? Know that some students will race through the project while others work at a glacial pace. Think about having something for the jackrabbits to do (e.g. provide extra scratch paper so they can draw, paint, etc)

4) HAVE SOMEONE ELSE MONITOR YOUR TIME and give you cues! You will lose track of time, so have an assistant or parent let you know key points on your timeline.

Your first couple of classes will feel like a runaway train. Don't sweat it--you'll get in the groove soon!


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